How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom episode 15

Rating: 4 (of 5) Even for a series which is firmly focused on strategic thinking, devoting nearly an entire episode just to one long conversation is a bold move. It requires a special kind of dynamic to be able to pull that off without it getting boring, and few shows that have tried it inContinue reading “How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom episode 15”

How A Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom episode 14

Rating: 4 The series is back for its second half, and picking up right where it left off: arranging to deal with the Gran Chaos Empire as it arrives in Amidonia with a large army, all to advocate on behalf of Julius in his attempt to regain control of Amidonia and the capital city ofContinue reading “How A Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom episode 14”

Winter 2022 Preview Guide

Last Update: 5:20 p.m. p.m. 1/13/22 (All reviews for 1/13 and earlier are done!) Welcome to my version of the Winter 2022 Preview Guide! I expect to be covering nearly every full-episode series that will be debuting or returning this season which has an official English-subtitled stream. (The exceptions will be the second season ofContinue reading “Winter 2022 Preview Guide”

The Faraway Paladin episode 12 (season finale)

Rating: 3.5 The season finale for The Faraway Paladin splits itself into three major components: Will’s Struggle, The Climactic Battle, and What Comes Next. (These are my names for the components, not official ones.) While the finale would be lacking with any one of these components missing, and some elements do carry over from oneContinue reading “The Faraway Paladin episode 12 (season finale)”

Theron’s Best of 2021

Welcome to 2022! Let’s get the years started off right by cleaning up the last remaining anime-related business from 2021. Prior to Anime News Network starting its current “Best of Year” format in 2016, I spent several years teaming up with one of two fellow reviewers to make a “Best of Year” format that wasContinue reading “Theron’s Best of 2021”

Special Review: Selection Project

Overall Rating: 3.5 (of 5) A contest is held to determine new/top idol performer. However, the contest’s brightest star dies suddenly. Three years later, a new round of the contest is being held. This time around it includes the dark-haired, serious-minded younger sister of the dead idol, who is getting into performing herself to seeContinue reading “Special Review: Selection Project”

The Faraway Paladin eps 10-11

Rating: 3.5 These two episodes are getting reviewed together entirely because of an oversight on my part: I somehow forgot that I had not finished and posted episode 10’s review and did not realize my error until Thursday this past week. With only a couple of days left until the next episode aired, I justContinue reading “The Faraway Paladin eps 10-11”

Special Review: The Heike Story

Rating: 4.5 (of 5) The Tale of the Heiki is a 12-chapter epic assembled no later than the early 14th century from a collection of oral traditions. It chronicles the rise and fall of the Taira (aka Heiki) warrior clan in 12th century Japan, events which brought the Heian Period to an end and directlyContinue reading “Special Review: The Heike Story”