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USA Anime

Anime reviews, commentary, streaming schedules, and educational memes for American anime fans

NEWEST UPDATES (6/22/2021)

• Just announced – a second season of Saga of Tanya the Evil has been greenlit! Hurrah!

• The episode review for episode 23 of So I’m a Spider, So What? has been posted in the blog.

• The review for episode 11 of 86 (as well as brief thoughts on other series) has been posted in the blog.


Expect a Spring 2021 Season Wrap-Up post sometime during the week of 6/27. Also, the newly-posted-on-Crunchyroll short for Saga of Tanya the Evil will also likely be covered later in the week of 6/20.


Greetings! I am Theron Martin, and this my revamp of a defunct older site into my new anime blog.

This blog will primarily focus on reviews and commentary on anime titles, light novels, and manga that are currently or recently available via legal means in the U.S. It will also offer the following:

  1. Occasional full reviews of older titles
  2. Recommendations for fans of various genres
  3. A chart showing which titles are streaming where (and when) each season
  4. Commentary on the DanMachi Memoria Freese mobile game.
  5. Education-themed anime memes, which teachers are welcome to copy and use themselves

Why Follow My Blog?

Most anime blogs will not offer any of #3-5 above (especially #5). Many do offer reviews and commentary, but I can offer one thing that most of them don’t: experience.

I first started writing amateur anime reviews for the original version of USA Anime back in 2003. At the beginning of 2005, I joined the writing staff of Anime News Network and became a professional. From then until the end of March 2021, I did reviews, feature articles, and (rarely) interviews and convention reports for the site, as well as regularly contributing to seasonal features like the Preview Guide and “Best of Season/Year.” In all, more than 3,000 written pieces on the site have my byline; you can see an example of one of my most recent feature pieces here and my last full-length review for the site here. So you can expect a more practiced and organized delivery than on most other anime blogs, one backed by deep and broad familiarity with most anime genres and conventions. Because of my Preview Guide work for ANN, I can also honestly say that I have at least sampled 90% or more of the non-hentai TV series that have come out in the past decade.

What you won’t get, however, is an elitist attitude! My tastes run much more towards populist fare than auteur shows, so I won’t, for instance, automatically dismiss heavy fan service titles. (I even considered Interspecies Reviewers one of the top anime titles of 2020.)

My current plan is to choose 1-2 titles a season to do weekly episode reviews for, while also offering briefer (i.e., paragraph-length) commentary on others among the 10-12 titles I typically follow each season. This will begin with the Spring 2021 season.

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25 thoughts on “USA Anime

  1. Why are you not part of ANN anymore?? You were hands down the best reviewer; your knowledge of basically every aspect of the industry was unrivalled, and you wrote about anime in a way that was FUN and made people excited to see it. I hope everything is going okay…


    1. I’m guessing Lynzee had a part in him either not renewing his contract or he willingly left. She had words with him for not critiquing Redo harshly enough and she didn’t defend him when some website was slandering him. Good to see him be on his own and do his reviews without any nay-saying from the staff.


  2. You were my favorite reviewer on Anime News Network, without you there there’s much less of a reason to head there. I hope you can talk about why at some point – even if it was just “I wanted to spread my wings elsewhere and do my own thing”. I hope there’s no bad blood between you and the rest of ANN.

    Looking forward to seeing your reviews here. I’ll have your website bookmarked.


  3. Whelp it happened and I am going to be visiting here more often than ANN. Thank you for the redirect in your profile. You are just the anime reviewer/critic whose view is similar to my own.


  4. Thanks for the consideration, all!

    I won’t go into details about why I left ANN because I don’t like airing personal matters publicly, but I will say that nothing health-related was involved and that the circumstances leading to it were years in the making. I have found myself increasingly sharply disagreeing with a couple of other reviewers there, but that’s nothing new and I think it’s actually gotten worse SINCE the decision was made.

    Anyway, I like to think that I still have a cordial relationship with most of the ANN staff, so you won’t see badmouthing from me here. Disagreements, maybe, but nothing more than that.


    1. Guess I’ll be going here for my anime reviews now. You were the only person who seemed to actually look at things fairly anyway.


  5. Hi Theron.
    Just want to wish you the best on this new site and I’ll be here to see your reviews
    I’m sure it will be so fun read your reviews here like it was on ANN.

    Jonny Mendes


  6. It’s a bit of a shame to see you go. I have always looked forward to seeing your work on ANN and I honestly believe that having you around is better for the environment there as I believe there’s been a bubble that’s been forming for some time but as you don’t wish to air it, I will keep my thoughts to myself as well.

    I wish you the best here and will be looking forward to your reviews.


  7. I’m sorry to see you leave ANN. I have always appreciated your work since I first joined. While I will respect your decisions and not air my own issues, I believe that your presence there is a major voice that acts as a vital counterpoint from the bubble I have seen growing over the years.

    Regardless, I respect your decision and wish you the best here. I look forward to seeing more of your work.


  8. You were the only reviewer at ANN that I had any respect for. Personally, I think you are far better off far away from the elitist snobbery and constant intrusive far-leftist political flag waving infesting the supposed reviews over there. I happily subscribed to your blog here and look forward to reading your thoughts.


  9. Just as a general announcement, posts here are set to auto-moderate for the moment. Nothing submitted has been problematic so far, so if it stays that way then I’ll turn the auto-moderate off in a week or two.


  10. Do you intend to set up a Patreon (or similar) to support your writing here? I already have a couple other anime bloggers on my monthly Patreon bill; I’d be happy to add you.


  11. [sorry if this is a double-post; WordPress was fighting me earlier]
    Do you think you’ll start a Patreon or other crowd-funding to support this site? I’m already kicking in for bunch of other anime blogs (Nick’s, Erica’s, Jacob’s [though he’s mostly video-only at this point]) and a bunch of podcasts, so it’d certainly be easy to add yours to my monthly tally.


      1. I’m not that familiar with any of these services (Venmo and PayPal are the ones I know for online payments), so I’d be interested in seeing a pro/con breakdown from those that are familiar.


  12. Substack is specifically for writers. It is a major outlet for independent journalists, featuring many big names that didn’t like the groupthink monoculture taking over the mainstream press. It has been very successful for some people –

    I follow Glenn Greenwald on there:


  13. Subscribed! Glad you’re continuing to blog on anime, Theron! Appreciated your measured and matter-of-fact reviews of Shield Hero on ANN (i enjoyed the anime as a whole btw 🙂 that was gutsy👍✊! Ganbatte to you going forward!✊💪!


  14. Never been a Twitter person. However, I may start soon in order to advertise what I’m doing here a bit more. If I do, it would be a low-volume account mostly used for making announcements.


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