Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? IV episode 14

Rating: B+ To a certain extent, this part of DanMachi has become a tale of two redheads. On one side is Alise, the Captain of Astrea Familia and, once, Ryu’s closest friend. Back before she discarded her pride for revenge, Ryu was a very proud and dignified elf, which made her the subject of muchContinue reading “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? IV episode 14”

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? IV episodes 13 and 14

NOTE: Due to me somehow forgetting that I hadn’t written up episode 13 yet, these two episodes are being covered together. Rating – Both Episodes: B+ After focusing almost exclusively on Bell’s crew in episode 12, episode 13 gives a roughly even split to Bell/Ryu vs. Bell’s crew, with just a little bit of timeContinue reading “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? IV episodes 13 and 14”

Winter 2023 Preview Guide

Last Update: 11:21 p.m. EST Saturday 1/14/23 Welcome to my Winter 2023 Preview Guide! (For the debut schedule, see here.) I expect to cover every full-episode series that will be debuting this season, including some of the sequels; yes for The Misfit of Demon King Academy, In/Spectre 2, BOFURI 2, and The Fruit of EvolutionContinue reading “Winter 2023 Preview Guide”

2022 in Review: The Best and Strangest of the Year

As we say good-bye to 2022, it’s time to take a look at the highlights of the year. Prior to Anime News Network starting its current “Best of Year” format in 2016, I spent several years at the site teaming up with one of two fellow reviewers to make a “Best of Year” format thatContinue reading “2022 in Review: The Best and Strangest of the Year”

Isekai³: The Isekai Quartet Movie

Isekai Quartet The Movie: Another World Japanese Premiere: 6/10/2022 English Premiere: 12/21/22 (on Crunchyroll) Though American media has a tradition of cross-overs going back at least 40 years, they have always been quite rare in Japan, which is part of what made the two TV seasons of Isekai Quartet (aired in Spring 2019 and WinterContinue reading “Isekai³: The Isekai Quartet Movie”

Who Lurk in the Shadows?

The Eminence in Shadow, episodes 1-12 Minoru Kageno was a young man who never outgrew his childhood desire to be a hero – specifically, a warrior from the shadows known as Eminence in Shadow. He trained hard so he could beat up biker punks and criminals, but that only went so far; shonen-style great powerContinue reading “Who Lurk in the Shadows?”

Princess Principal: Crown Handler

The recent BD English release of the second installment in the Princess Principal: Crown Handler OVA series led me to realize that I never did get around to reviewing the first installment when it was released back in March (of 2022). Hence this review covers both installments. The anime-original Princess Principal TV series aired forContinue reading “Princess Principal: Crown Handler”

The Magic of the Inner Palace

Raven of the Inner Palace episodes 1-11 While I don’t specifically consider myself a fan of Chinese Imperial Court-influenced fantasy series, I must have a high tolerance for them; after all, three titles which would probably make my all-time Top 10 list for favorite anime series – The Twelve Kingdoms, Story of Saiunkoku (aka ColorCloudContinue reading “The Magic of the Inner Palace”

Review: Is the Novice Alchemist Managing?

Management of a Novice Alchemist One interesting trend in anime in recent years (and by extension its common source material) is fantasy series with an entrepreneurial bent. While the series may have flashy magic and action elements and typically features a protagonist that’s unusually capable (if not outright OP), it focuses much more on buildingContinue reading “Review: Is the Novice Alchemist Managing?”

Dual Review: Farming vs. Taming

Note: My apologies for getting nothing posted last week! I had fully intended to continue rotating through various series airing in the Fall ’22 season, so to make up for that, I am combining the intended topic for last week with this week’s to create a compare/contrast perspective on two currently-airing fantasy series: I’ve SomehowContinue reading “Dual Review: Farming vs. Taming”