Spy x Family episode 11

Rating: 4.5 (of 5) Sometimes the funniest jokes aren’t always the most obvious ones. That is definitely the case with this episode, where some of the best humor comes from a surprisingly simple device: in Anya’s imagination about how people react to what she’s doing, they all speak in her voice. Something is just terriblyContinue reading “Spy x Family episode 11”

Spy x Family episode 10

Rating: 4 (of 5) One of the running jokes of the series is that Yor, for all of her domestic incompetence, is superhumanly capable physically. That gets reinforced here. A second, more developing running joke is that Yor is probably the last person who should be teaching Anya anything beyond just basic physical fitness. TheContinue reading “Spy x Family episode 10”

Spy x Family episode 9

Rating: 3.5 (of 5) Of the episodes of this wonderful show which have aired so far, this is, by far, my least favorite one, and the one that comes closest to completely stumbling. Yes, the series gets some leeway because what transpired was still fully in character for the participants, but that doesn’t make itContinue reading “Spy x Family episode 9”

Spy x Family episodes 7-8

Rating (collectively): 4.5 (of 5) If the last two episodes of Spy x Family show anything, it’s that the series functions just as well when things are transpiring that stress Twilight out as it does when he is being the cool, collected, and fully in-control master spy. Episodes 7 and 8 each tackle this inContinue reading “Spy x Family episodes 7-8”

Spy x Family episode 5

Rating: 4.5 (of 5) Despite the episode’s ominous title – “Will They Pass or Fail” – Anya getting into Eden College was never in doubt; Master Henderson’s evaluation gave them an edge if even if plot necessity didn’t mandate it. The slight drama over this does allow for an amusing opening sequence about our featuredContinue reading “Spy x Family episode 5”

Spring ’22 Episode Reviews

As previously stated, episode reviews will continue with Ascendance of a Bookworm s3. After watching second episodes of a number of other titles, I have decided to go with Spy x Family as my second regular week-to-week title for the season. This looks like it could be a fun title to talk about, and itContinue reading “Spring ’22 Episode Reviews”