How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom episode 15

Rating: 4 (of 5) Even for a series which is firmly focused on strategic thinking, devoting nearly an entire episode just to one long conversation is a bold move. It requires a special kind of dynamic to be able to pull that off without it getting boring, and few shows that have tried it inContinue reading “How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom episode 15”

How A Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom episode 14

Rating: 4 The series is back for its second half, and picking up right where it left off: arranging to deal with the Gran Chaos Empire as it arrives in Amidonia with a large army, all to advocate on behalf of Julius in his attempt to regain control of Amidonia and the capital city ofContinue reading “How A Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom episode 14”

The Faraway Paladin episode 12 (season finale)

Rating: 3.5 The season finale for The Faraway Paladin splits itself into three major components: Will’s Struggle, The Climactic Battle, and What Comes Next. (These are my names for the components, not official ones.) While the finale would be lacking with any one of these components missing, and some elements do carry over from oneContinue reading “The Faraway Paladin episode 12 (season finale)”

The Faraway Paladin eps 10-11

Rating: 3.5 These two episodes are getting reviewed together entirely because of an oversight on my part: I somehow forgot that I had not finished and posted episode 10’s review and did not realize my error until Thursday this past week. With only a couple of days left until the next episode aired, I justContinue reading “The Faraway Paladin eps 10-11”

The Faraway Paladin episode 9

Rating: 3.5 (of 5) Apparently, I have been doing it wrong all these years in fantasy RPGs. The correct way to bring down a wyvern is not to use arrows or a sword or attack spells; it’s to wrestle it to the ground and break its neck bare-handed. Granted, that’s not a feat that aContinue reading “The Faraway Paladin episode 9”

The Faraway Paladin episode 8

Rating: 3.5 As Will has begun his journey, his knowledge of the world has steadily expanded. With the meeting of additional traveling companions, it jumps forward in leaps and bounds. In a meta sense, this is the most important development in this episode, though if you were to ask Will, another discovery is far moreContinue reading “The Faraway Paladin episode 8”

Fall ’21 Weekend 9: Recaps and an Overlooked Gem

The 9th weekend of the season features an unusual coincidence: both of the series I was episode-reviewing are resorting to recap episodes, and in both cases production issues can be presumed to be the cause. (However, this was not a sudden change in either cases, as the “Special Edition” nature of this week’s episode wasContinue reading “Fall ’21 Weekend 9: Recaps and an Overlooked Gem”