Spy x Family episodes 7-8

Rating (collectively): 4.5 (of 5)

If the last two episodes of Spy x Family show anything, it’s that the series functions just as well when things are transpiring that stress Twilight out as it does when he is being the cool, collected, and fully in-control master spy. Episodes 7 and 8 each tackle this in different ways.

In episode 7, Twilight takes on a variety of undercover roles at the school in a dizzying effort to emphasize to Anya the importance of her apologizing to Desmond and thus getting back in his good graces (after episode 6’s epic punch). While there has always been an absurdist factor to this series, this episode basks in it nearly as much as the spy-themed rescue sequence in episode 5, albeit in an entirely different manner; Twilight comes up with every way imaginable to remind Anya, while Becky, in her possessive friendship with Anya, unwittingly keeps thwarting him so successfully that he, for a moment, wonders if she’s doing it on purpose as some form of counter-espionage (which, given the age of the characters involved, is also absurd – or would be, if Anya wasn’t aware that she is part of an espionage mission). The utterly delicious irony of the whole scenario is that both Twilight’s efforts to remind Anya and Anya’s attempt to apologize may be wholly unnecessary, as the punch Anya threw metaphorically hit Desmond in the heart as hard as it physically hit him in the face. When I said back in the episode 6 review about how that punch might ironically work out in Anya’s favor, this was not at all the angle that I was expecting.

Though the situation is played for humor, this really isn’t a far-fetched idea. Some men are legitimately attracted to women who can challenge them, in part because having a partner who just passively goes along with everything gets boring to them after a while. (I tend to be that way myself.) This is especially true for particularly arrogant men, which is the direction Desmond is decidedly headed in. He’s too young to understand all of this himself, hence his outburst at the end of the episode, but he’s going to come around.

Episode 8 presents a challenge from an entirely different angle: the brother-in-law. Yor has pointedly shown before that most of what she does is for her younger brother Yuri, which Yuri is so thoroughly appreciative of that he’s become a veritable siscon – and, ironically, that means he’s going to every bit of the extremes that Yor is to make sure that the country is a good place for his sibling. In other words, he’s secretly Secret Police while she is secretly an assassin. The new irony here is that, as adept as he is at dealing with suspects, he has such strong blinders on concerning Yor that he accepts things which should be fishy about her explanations and her avoidances of certain topics at face value; the scenes showing a young Yor coming back home blood-splattered but Yuri forgetting all about that when presented with a treasured book were sputter-worthy delights.

The further delicious ironies here involve the way Yuri subtly goes on the attack against Loid for completely the wrong reasons. He’s using his Secret Police mentality to go after Loid in a “you’re not good enough for my sister” manner when Loid is, in fact, the very spy he’s been hunting. This results in Twilight wondering if his cover’s blown, when in fact Yuri only cares about showing that Loid really isn’t the perfect guy for Yor.

Episode 8 also proves that the series can survive for most of an episode without Anya. Even so, she gets in at least one or two good moments with her expressions over missing the fraction problem (this is rather early to be teaching kids about those, incidentally) and figuring out fractions using her spy cartoon.

While the series may not be functioning at the glorious heights of episode 2, it’s still rolling along just fine.

One thought on “Spy x Family episodes 7-8

  1. Loved this episode, super funny. I loved the part when Yor was so confidently giving her “explanation” about why she didn’t tell Yuri that she was married for a year. And he totally bought it!

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