86 episode 23 (finale)

Rating: 5 With episode 21 having provided the action climax and episode 22 providing the dramatic climax, all that’s left for episode 23 to do is provide the epilogue. But as with any grand story, a proper epilogue is an absolutely essential element. It may not have the drama or intensity of earlier content, butContinue reading “86 episode 23 (finale)”

86 special: Episode 21.5

After more than two months off, 86 is finally returning this Saturday (March 12th) and next Saturday (March 19th) for its two-episode finale. So, naturally, that means yet another recap episode precedes it. This time, though, I will begrudge the production team this recap. It does not provide any new content beyond somewhat in-character narrationContinue reading “86 special: Episode 21.5”

86 Visual Commentary Special Episode

From what I understand, the production team for 86 originally planned to have a break week in December. November 13’s break wasn’t originally planned and is instead the result of production delays. This isn’t too surprising after last week’s episode; minor signs of that could be seen in episode 16, as a handful of closeContinue reading “86 Visual Commentary Special Episode”