Spring 2021 Season in Review

Surprise of the Season: Higehiro Overall Rating: 3.5 This is hardly a flawless series, and better series overall definitely aired during this past season. However, no series in the Spring 2021 season – not even my beloved 86 – more firmly defied initial expectations. Based on the premise (which is fully outlined in the fullContinue reading “Spring 2021 Season in Review”

86 Special (episode 12)

Crunchyroll is listing the special episode of 86 as episode 12, but whatever you call it, the episode – titled “Coquelicots Blooming Across the Battlefield” – is just a standard recap episode. It is narrated by Lena and shown entirely from her viewpoint, with the only new shot being the one above, which is shownContinue reading “86 Special (episode 12)”

86 episode 11 (season finale)

Rating: 5 (of 5) First off, for those who have been reading each week, my apologies for this being up later than normal. Unexpected schedule changes over the weekend left me with no time to write about this episode until the following Monday evening. Whereas last episode was almost entirely anime-original, this episode was aboutContinue reading “86 episode 11 (season finale)”

86 episode 7

Rating: 5 (of 5) From the beginning of the series until episode 5, one of the unspoken truths about Spearhead Squadron was Shin’s ability to hear the voices of the Legion. However, another unspoken truth has lingered just as long. At first, the 86s didn’t inform Lena because it didn’t seem important, but as theyContinue reading “86 episode 7”

86 episode 5

Rating: 4.5 (of 5) Though the franchise does not advertise it, 86 does have a mild horror element, one that has only been vaguely hinted at through the first four episodes. (Really, the only significant indicator so far was the series’ opening scene, where Spearhead Squadron’s previous Handler loses it.) This episode is the oneContinue reading “86 episode 5”