The Devil is a Part-Timer!! episode 6

Rating: B

Last episode ended with the not-so-vague impression that something was out in the fog, and the more vague impression that Amane had more of a sense of something genuinely supernatural in that fog than she was letting on. This episode not only confirms both of those suspicions but also further suggests that there’s something inhuman (or at least not ordinarily human) about Mikitty and her family. In the process, however, the episode also raises a whole batch of new questions.

First, the creature seemingly out in the fog is revealed to be a demon, and not just one. Why demons are popping up in the fog, seemingly without being aware of the presence of Satan, Alciel, and Lucifer is a mystery almost as big as the fog manipulation that’s terrorizing them (with the intent of driving them off, it would seem), but at least the latter mystery gets revealed by the end of the episode. Why Satan’s adjutant and regent, the bird-themed Camio, has also appeared is also still a mystery, as one would think that he’d be too busy to be out and about personally when problems exist in the demon realm. Looks like we’ll have to wait until next episode to find out about that. At least Camio reverting to a bird is easy enough to surmise: that’s his natural form when he lacks sufficient demonic power for his more humanoid form.

Even based on anime-only content, though, some reasonable speculation can be made about Amane, the one Camio acknowledges as defeating him. She lives at the farthest eastern point on Japan’s main island, which would be a natural place to be if one were a guardian against portals and/or other supernatural phenomena that might appear out at sea. (Or the fact the that beach restaurant was in such decrepit shape might mean that she doesn’t always live out her but came out at this time because she sensed trouble in the area.) If she does, indeed, play that role, then Mikitty also in some way being a protector of Earth would logically follow, which would then mean that neither the new “Devil King’s Castle” being where it is nor the devils having been invited out to work here were coincidences.

Beyond this, the episode otherwise involves the ladies around Maou helping out when Maou and crew get overwhelmed by business, which could also be looked at as an excuse to have the ladies traipsing around in swimsuits (albeit remarkably tasteful ones). Lucifer also has an interesting talk with Emilia and some background details about how Camio fits into the picture also get elaborated on, helping to fill out the story’s background a little more. However, all of that is far less interesting than what’s going on with the main plot. Whatever the mysteries at hand turn out to be, next episode (which could well conclude the adaptation of the fourth novel at the pace that the story is progressing) should be a much more intense one.

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