Preview: The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated!

Jahy in child and adult forms

The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated!

Streams: Crunchyroll on Saturdays                          Rating: 3.5 (of 5)

Jahy was once the domineering second-in-command of the Dark Realm. However, a magical girl smashing her main mana crystal didn’t just throw her out of the Dark Realm and into the human realm; it also reverted her to the body of a child. The mana crystal pendant she has left still gives her some power, enough so that she can temporarily revert to her adult form, but until she can collect more mana crystals she has to use that time to eke out a living at a waitress at an izakaya restaurant, while also contending with her employer’s sister, who is her landlord and, for some reason, expects to be paid rent on schedule. Oh, the ignominy!

This much-anticipated manga adaptation is a straight comedy in a familiar vein: a once-powerful person must lower themselves to squeaking by as an hourly employee after finding themselves largely-depowered and destitute in this one. In concept it much resembles The Devil is a Part-Timer!, even down to the magical girl responsible for Jahy’s situation also eventually showing up (based on the opener, anyway). This version is aiming for less sophisticated humor and more of a slapstick-style focus, but that is not necessarily a negative here. Jahy may not be a terribly original character, but a girl who could easily be mistaken for having delusions of grandeur is ripe with comic possibilities. Also, as cute as she is in child form, she is one of the sexiest of recent anime character designs in her adult form and skimpy demonic dress; if a flood of doujinshi doesn’t result from this title, I will be quite surprised. The animation does not seem to be overly stressing the potential fan service angle, so those concerned about being distracted by such content need not worry.

While I am not likely to follow this one (my viewing schedule is already unmanageably full as it is!), I might check in on it from time to time, as it looks like a good deal of light fun.

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