So I’m a Spider, So What? ep 24 (series finale)

Rating: 3.5

First, apologies for the delay on posting this. I have talked about this final episode extensively in other forums, so it slipped my mind that I had not done a proper write-up here.

After episode 23, I was a bit worried about how the final episode would manage to cover everything that was left in novel 5 without seeming too rushed. But that’s exactly what the final episode did: it powered through all of the key points at a brisk pace, which amounts to a more frenetic episode than normal for this franchise. In the process it brings the human side of the story to a cliffhanger stopping point, while also progressing the spider side to the point where Kumoko formally hooks up with Demon Lord Ariel and baby Sophia.

On the human side, the addition of the Glorias to the battle against Kyouya and Sophia has (as expected) a negligible effect on how the battle plays outs. Even those war machines do not pose much of a threat to those two powerhouses, and Shun and his companions are clearly not in Kyouya’s league any more than they are in Sophia’s. (Exactly why they’re so much stronger is beyond the scope of this series, but will be covered in both cases if there are follow-up seasons; Kyouya’s story is told in novel 8 and Sophia’s is given piecemeal from volume 6 on.) Though hardly good, the CG and battle staging is at least a bit better than in the previous couple of episodes, so the real problem spots here are how both Anna’s sacrifice and Shun’s use of Mercy triggering Taboo are handled. In the former case, the anime has done a poor job of establishing Anna’s importance to Shun (and vice versa), which is a failing compared to the novels and sure to leave anime-only viewers scratching their heads. The latter case may also confuse anime-only viewers, since the series has skipped over Shin using Mercy in three other cases; in the anime, he has only been shown using it for Katia and Anna. Otherwise, the series ends the human side exactly where it does in the novels, though it leaves out one slight detail: Hiiro Wakaba was especially memorable because – despite her reclusive personality – she was universally regarded as the prettiest girl in class.

The spider side is handled better, though the series could have put a little more effort into setting up that Kumoko could survive by transferring her mind to one of the newborns created via the Egg-Laying skill; this was only vaguely hinted at as a possibility a few episodes back. The adaptation is skipping a little in having Kumoko go right to Arachne form, but I saw nothing problematic here about how that sequence is handled. Further, seeing the expressions on Kumoko’s human face as she continues to talk mentally (and not through her human mouth!) was a delight. That dovetails directly into Potimas’s efforts to first take – and then later kill – Sophia, who is revealed to have turned Merazophis into a vampire out of desperation for a protector who won’t die on her.

That part and Kumoko’s ensuing arrival and duel with Potimas (or, rather, the remote-controlled Potimas Terminator (which is, presumably, how he survived being beheaded by Sophia on the human side several episodes back) are also handled pretty well; given the production problems the series was dealing with, I have to wonder if that sequence was  originally intended to be done in CG but had to be redone in 2D animation when the CG work broke down. Ariel’s arrival ends that, shows the full extent of Body Brain integrating with her, and shows how the two came to a peaceable working relationship. In other words, while the human side comes down to a cliffhanger, the spider side ends the first major stage of its story and sets up for the transition into the next stage.

On the whole, I can see this episode being a messy experience for anime-only viewers, as it does not resolve much (especially on the human side) and throws out a ton of hooks for future stories. The revelation that the elves are completely the bad guys, rather than just doing some bad things, may also be a bit jarring. As a novel reader, though, I am generally pleased with how both the last episode and the adaptation in general has played out. Yes, the adaptation has had some animation and editing issues that can probably be attributed to a too-ambitious production schedule, and the series would be better if a couple of second-half episodes were entirely redone, but I found it plenty entertaining enough, and enough of a departure from the normal isekai power game routine, to still give the adaptation a favorable rating.

5 thoughts on “So I’m a Spider, So What? ep 24 (series finale)

  1. I don’t know if I like the White reveal. Best part of the show had been Kumoko’s personality and White has been shown to have exactly none. So, either they’re gonna have to significantly alter her to keep that energy (which means she was written specifically different just for revealing sake) or they keep her quiet and reserved (which will need a lot of explaining why her personality has changed so much).

    And for me the biggest plot thread is STILL, why did they wait 15 yrs to take on SKYNET (the elves)? Hopefully, we get some answers in the next season. And hopefully, production will be handled better.


    1. I think I can address these points without getting into significant spoilers.

      Keep in mind that every appearance of White was always from someone else’s perspective, so she’s only being seen from the outside. (The very last shot of the episode is the first time that we ever get any sense of what she might be thinking.) Also, Kumoko was shown on several occasions coming across to others very differently than what her inner thoughts reveal. Hence the White you see on the human side still has the thought processes we expect from Kumoko but just isn’t showing it to others, as was the case for her back in Japan.

      As for why the elves weren’t confronted earlier, that’s because such a grand endeavor requires an immense amount of set-up. Ariel is only newly-appointed as Demon Lord and they are not anywhere near the demon realms at the end of the series in the spider timeline, so they have to actually get to the demon realm first. (This is not a quick process, because while Ariel can move super-fast across land, the vampires in particular cannot, and Kumoko cannot just teleport there because she does not know where it is. They also, for understandable reasons, have to travel in secret.) Then Ariel has to impose her will on the demons, gather sufficient forces and allies, and figure out a way to deal with the shield around the elf village. After all, you’re talking about an enemy that has had a long, long time to entrench himself. If more animation gets green-lit then then the next season or two will detail this whole process.


      1. @Theron Did you notice that at the very end they seem to be skipping the journey to Sariella? Instead the demon lord stated they will head straight to demon territory. That is basically the entirety of volume 6’s spider side story that will need to be reintegrated into volumes 7-8 if there is a sequel.

        Also a thought. Maybe for anime only viewers the skipped over Kumoko side of the nightmare fight means they dont have the mental preparation for thinking of public Kumoko as different to inner Kumoko. Especially with the anime original fidgeting Kumoko at the stage coach after rescuing Sophia. Which made it seem like inner Kumoko would be reflected at least a little outwardly.


  2. I admit, I’m still unsure if i should catch up on the spider show. I dropped before the fight with the earth dragon but i found the human side to be awful, the degradation of animation to be off-putting and the funny spider moments to not be enough to keep me invested.

    Regardless, the thing with Ariel is amusing and not something I expected and it looks like the plot of elves is more elaborate than I expected.


  3. @Cryten0: The way Ariel said it in the episode does not at all exclude novel 6; that’s exactly how she proposed it to Sophia and Merazaphis at first in the novel. Besides, based on the weak-ass map in novel 6, the capital of Sariella is not really out of their way on the way to Demon Territory. I don’t see it as out of the question that parts of novel 6 might get trimmed, but too much set-up for later developments goes on during it for it to be completely excised.


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