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This site it currently undergoing a massive overhaul. Originally intended to focus on anime titles available in the U.S. and looking at anime from an American perspective, it is shifting its focus to concentrate more on promoting a greater understanding of, and appreciation for, anime amongst established and prospective American fans. As part of this it will be keeping some old features:


    The extensive Glossary, which will be updated regularly will now have a sidebar link.

    Several dozen reviews of pre-2005 titles will remain, although they will not be updated or added to further beyond correcting factual or grammatical errors. For newer reviews, see my work for Anime News Network and the magazine Protoculture Addicts.

    Links to the home pages of many prominent anime-related companies remain and will be updated for accuracy;

    Breakdowns of some common anime conventions and what they mean will be kept.


New additions in the works include feature subpages for some titles that either are (or soon will be) near and dear to the hearts of anime fans, such as Claymore and a revamped Tenchi Muyo page.




- Theron Martin, site owner/creator




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NOTICE: 8/26/07 The glossary has been updated again.


NOTICE: 6/25/05 New by-the-volume reviews from my work at Anime News Network can be found here. Unfortunately I have not had the time to do any new reviews for this site, nor is that likely to happen in the near future. The glossary has been updated a little, though.


NOTICE: 2/5/05 I have recently accepted a position as a staff reviewer for Anime News Network. Because of this, future updates to the Reviews section are going to consist mostly of links to reviews of mine which have been posted on ANN. I do still plan to do at least occasional updates to the Glossary and Links section, however.




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